Bittersweet Springs calls the beautiful Pacific Northwest home. This is where the repurposed products on this website are crafted. Our workshop is a 100 year old barn.

Our product line starts by searching the country side for barns and other structures which are ready to fall down. Our goal is to repurpose the materials that would otherwise be discarded. We hand cut each piece and put the finishing touches on with care whether it be wiring, painting our little red heart magnets or screen printing our unique signs. We pack your orders (using recycled boxes) with thoughtful intentionality hoping that when your order arrives you’ll be delighted with your purchase.

Our tagline is REPURPOSE WITH PURPOSE. The goal is to bring new life to discarded materials and create products that your customers will love.

In 2013 Chuck and Heather were doing many retail shows in Arkansas and Texas, including Canton Days, Warrington, Round Top and Vintage Market Days. They were busy doing 36 shows in 2013. Then their daughters (Mimi and Naomi) asked them to think about moving to Oregon. Both their daughters were living there (and two grand-daughters.) So in June of 2014 they packed their belongings, including the unique product they made from metal and drove to Oregon. They found a cute blue farm to rent and a big blue barn that is now their workshop. Mimi encouraged the line to become wholesale friendly, they simplified it and did all the West Coast Gift Shows that summer. Since then, Chuck, Heather and Mimi have continued doing the wholesale shows, building a shopping friendly website and reaching out through social media and gift magazines. The buyers they have met over the years have become wonderful friends and we love working with you all!