Bittersweet Springs is a family owned, handmade repurposed material and wholesale company who has been making product for over 30 years. Chuck, Heather and their daughter Mimi ventured into the metal world 6 years ago and have found a passion in searching the country side for unique metal that needs to be saved and repurposed. We are an eco-friendly company and love working one on one with store owners across the U.S. Our products are unique, and you won’t find a 33″ USA shape hand-cut from 80 year old barn metal any where else (with a red heart magnet even!)

Each sheet of metal is taken down, hand-washed, hand-traced and hand-cut. We put a lot of care and work into each item we sell. As of September 2017, Mimi is going to start cutting the ornaments with a machine she purchased in order to make sure the 4″ states and ornament shapes are cut perfectly every time. We want to be giving you the best product possible, from our family to yours.

When you call, Heather answers. When you e-mail, Mimi answers. We are here for you, just like you are there in your store working face to face with your customers. We want to take care of you. Mimi is even the shipping department, so she enters your order from the beginning into the computer and is the one making sure the right things go in the box. If we send the wrong item, let us know and we will make it right, right away.

We donate a percentage of our proceed to La Hash International bringing good news and holistic care to children in need in East Africa. Visit for information.