Farmhouse Whites

Limited Edition, Farmhouse Whites, Shapes & Collages - Farmhouse Whites Edition, Dream on Cloud Collage - Farmhouse Whites Edition


I grew up in the city. My parents also lived much of their childhoods as city kids, but they both had aunts, uncles, and cousins that lived on farms. Many cherished childhood memories are from visits we made to this special destination.

The Keel Farm was located in the beautiful state of Iowa. The Farmhouse was a big white beautiful structure, (that’s how I remember it as a child). Visiting the property as an adult, it was not the mansion I remembered, as far as size, but the memories were still true. I remember going there and being amazed at how my cousins would get up at sunrise to do chores. I couldn’t believe how hard they worked – without complaining – I might add! I respected that work ethic even as a little girl.

One thing that I loved was the Farmhouse Kitchen. It was always filled with great conversation, lots of laughter, amazing aromas coming from the oven, and lots of good food! The farmhouse kitchen table was a round pedestal oak table. It had been a place where fellowship occurred three times a day. The decor was simple and sweet. A chalk ware dog on the wall. Crisp, ironed, floral curtains, that danced gracefully when the window was open. Fresh flowers from the garden were the centerpiece during the summer months. Pumpkins adorned the table in Autumn. I felt at peace in that kitchen.

Present Day

Never did I ever think that I’d ever be living on a farm in Oregon. But I am and I love it. Our kitchen is the heart of this hundred-year-old home. We have a round pedestal oak table and memories are made at that table. When friends and family gather, we all end up in the kitchen.

We have a large vegetable garden, along with many flowers blooming throughout the summer months. A variety of fruit trees are part of this beautiful property. The large barn houses no animals, but it is filled with activity for our Bittersweet Springs creations.

Our goal for our company it to repurpose with purpose. We want to give new life to things no one wants any more. We used tin roofing from buildings as our main material for our product line. Most of it is rusty and has a beautiful patina. We also use 50-gallon barrel drums as a unique part of our line. We are able to add color to the line with these unique and versatile elements.

Mimi came up with the Farmhouse Whites idea as she loves the crisp, white decor I use in this cute farmhouse. I loved it and have loved seeing the Farmhouse Whites Line come together. From the barrel hearts and star garlands to the animal shapes, it has brought a breath of fresh air to our, already, up cycled product line. This line is limited edition because we only have a few sheets of the white metal we found for the animal shapes. We also love that the vintage barrels come in many colors, we never know what colors we will find so we came across a few white barrels and wanted to make use of them. The barrels might not always be available so enjoy these items before we run out of white barrels.

I think our family from Iowa would have loved knowing that part of our line we offer is in recognition of sweet, childhood memories.

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