Mud Pie

Mud Pie

Life on the farm (for a city girl, born and bred,) is a new experience. With the natural beauty that surrounds us, come other natural beings, who love the warmth of our house. Little furry creatures, known to all as mice. Yes, mice. Yuck.

I’m a dog person. Always have been. Cats did not like me and the feelings were mutual.  But I found out very quickly I hate mice much more than disliking cats.

Enter Mud Pie. Yes. A cat (who now is my hero).  Little by little this furry feline has stolen my heart.  She also has eliminated our little-uninvited house intruders. Even this morning I spotted her sitting proudly in the driveway with lunch in her mouth.

Only on a farm would I have discovered a spot in my heart for a brave cat named Mud Pie. Grateful!

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